5 Reasons You Should Live Stream Your Next Event


It’s not exactly !!BREAKING NEWS!! at this point that live streaming video is a growing communication channel and becoming an important marketing and distribution tool for brands.  Companies are connecting directly with consumers for product launches, influencer interviews, support and training but it’s a perfect way to connect employees as well.  For larger companies, getting the entire group together in one city is nearly impossible, never mind a single event hall.  Live streaming gets information to everyone at the same time, gives every employee a voice and allows each person to feel like they are a part of the big picture.  Whatever the target audience, it expands the physical audience and creates a widespread global community.  If you’re still on the fence about taking your next meeting live, consider these advantages:


1.  Interact

Live video allows B2C marketers to interact with their audience in real time and encourages feedback.  It allows consumers to engage with a brand on a personal level.  Product launches and demos are expected and companies like Apple have made them appointment events.  B2B and internal communications are utilizing live streaming for training, conferences, company announcements and routine Town Hall style updates.  These events can be open to the public or a closed, private event for employees only.  Remember the days of “someone will be coming around with a microphone if you have any questions”?  Incorporating viewer apps and utilities like Slido.com add to the interactive experience and allow viewers to engage in live polls and ranked Q&A where the more popular questions are pushed to the top for presenters to answer.  No asking for a show of hands so feedback comes freely and the relevant concerns are pushed to the front.

2.  Engage Your Audience

80% of adults would rather watch a live stream than read a blog or a memo.  ‘Live’ has a feeling of importance and urgency.  Being a part of the conversation and providing input as the ideas and questions come to you is a game changer thanks to today’s technology.  It’s the feeling that you’re getting your information directly from the source even when you can’t be in the room.  More and more employees are working remotely, Town Hall Meetings have become common so that senior management can discuss company strategy and important announcements with everyone as a team.  With HTML5 streaming, your broadcast is available on desktop systems, tablets, gaming systems, Roku, Apple TV,  and mobile devices.  Viewers can watch from almost anywhere at any time.

 3.  Tease Future Events

People can’t attend conferences for a number of reasons.  Maybe there’s a scheduling conflict or they aren’t sure there will be a ROI for their time and cost.  Streaming a sample of your content so that viewers can get an idea of attendance, networking opportunities and the quality of the information will go a long way in increasing your target audience for future events.  A keynote speaker, an expert panel discussion or maybe specific product demos are all just a taste of the big picture that could lead to more loyal attendees.  You will also have the added value of rich analytics from the streaming audience for future marketing.


 4.  Google Will Love You

SEO or search engine optimization is critical for any website to rank high in keyword searches.  It’s no secret that video, especially live video, is prioritized by search engines such as Google in its ranking algorithm.  Tease an upcoming event on your site or blog and embed or link the live feed.  Fresh content is the key and repurposing your streams as video-on-demand is another way to funnel potential customers to your site.  Add as many relevant keywords to your description and metadata as possible to ensure a targeted reach.


5.  Humanize Your Brand

Live video is imperfect…and that’s a good thing!  Seeing the little mistakes or less-than-perfect moments in a live broadcast is all part of the good stuff.  Don’t confuse this with being unprepared and delivering a boring presentation.  It’s minor interactions that aren’t expected that everyone can laugh about.  It’s about informing and inspiring an audience and not about being perfect.  Live video is full transparency into a brand or a CEO and it builds a community bond.  It builds trust.  And it’s something you can’t get from a flawless marketing video.




Streaming is still growing and it will be interesting to see what 2018 brings.  Consumers are definitely all-in and now brands seem to be following.  Forbes recently wrote on the revolution of video in the coming months:

“Moving forward, I believe video strategies will focus more on diversifying video content to rely less on promotional or advertising videos and more on creating the right type of video content for each platform where they engage their audience. I think multi-platform video strategies will become a must for both publishers and brands.”

Content will always be King so if you have a great story to tell, why not open the doors and tell as many people as you can?


Michael Bernard

Live Streaming & Video Content Producer

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